About Danielle

Learn about her whimsical world.

About Danielle

Traversing the boundaries of painting and craft, abstract and figurative, I make paintings using paper and wood. This was a method developed during my studies at the Slade School of Fine Art where my wall-based paintings evolved into large-scale installations. This approach allowed me a spontaneous approach to making as each work grew wildly across the walls, resulting in whimsical creations which exude vibrancy and energy.

An energetic process

  • Paper, printmaking & colour

A combination of painting and collage methods are utilized in the creation of these pieces which allow for a unique outcome and distinct look. The papers used in my works are either hand painted or screen printed with each shade mixed carefully before application. Acrylic, gouache, ink and watercolour are utilised to achieve a wide variety of textures.

  • Play

The element of play within the process is vital for me as there is always potential for shifts as each work progresses. The work develops in a methodical yet haphazard manner as the work goes through many changes – elements are moved about, layered and tacked together temporarily.  The wall is my canvas and the works usually develop very organically without a fixed final dimension in mind.


My work is influenced by small events and happenings in daily life which are sometimes overlooked, bringing the unseen to life and capturing the essences of fleeting moments which resonate with me. I hope to share these moments of magic with my viewers. Intrigued by the mystery of nature, I draw upon it as one of my main sources of inspiration, fascinated by its facets; that it is at once comforting yet anxious, awe-inspiring yet threatening.